Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey is an annual subscription that includes everything you need for survey development and deployment, folder organization, HIPPA Compliance, more survey functionality (branching logic, advanced analytics, full branding, BCM library, unlimited questions and responses (only available with EDU), enhanced support, access to advanced features such as SMS, Zoom and MS Teams meeting surveys/quizzes, PowerBI, Tableau integrations. 

BCM Ed-Tech has a Enterprise Team License that includes survey creation and deployment, analytics and many more enterprise-level features, simple account management, and priority support. Any BCM department can purchase a “seat” in the BCM Team.

The cost per year is about $345 - when you request to purchase a seat, Ed-Tech staff will confirm the cost. Before submitting a request to Ed-Tech, you should obtain approval from your department's business manager.

Available to: Faculty | Staff
Managed by: Education Technology
Funding: Department
Authentication: Local Username and Password

SurveyMonkey is also available via the phone app (iOS | Android) using the same credentials.