Other Ed-Tech Apps


The tools in this section are not centrally managed or supported by Baylor College of Medicine. If you need to use a tool that BCM doesn't have an enterprise solution for, Ed-Tech staff recommends exploring the pedagogical use of instructor purchase or free tools to help reduce the extra fees that students may experience with a required student purchase/vendor-based system. BCM staff recommends also that instructors test the technologies before using them with their students in order to get comfortable with the type of technical challenges that they may bring.

The list below is not a comprehensive educational technology list, but a list of instructors' most popular and well-rated tools. The Instructional Design Team can help you decide what tool is best for you.

If there is a tool that you'd like to include in this list for other instructors to know about, email Ed-Tech at

For Wifi issues, send an email to:

Available to: Anyone can create a personal account on the company site

Funding: Not centrally funded