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A Word about Technology Integration…


The use of technology has become a mainstay in education.  Supported and maintained by the BCM Academic IT, Ed-Tech team, academic technologies, such as Zoom, Blackboard, and VoiceThread are common tools that support, facilitate, and hopefully enhance instruction. 

As you consider integrating tech listed on this site into your instruction, the Center for Teaching and eLearning would like to plan and collaborate with you.  

As a team of instructional designers and educators, the Center for Teaching and eLearning in the Huffington Department of Education, Innovation and Technology partners with educators in the design and creation of educational content and assessments across various settings, including online (synchronous and asynchronous), hybrid, and/or face-to-face instruction. The center provides expertise in instructional/curriculum design, technology integration, and eLearning course development in support of teaching and learning at Baylor College of Medicine. 

Some ways in which we can assist with your integration of academic technology into your instruction include the following:

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