Polling and Surveys


Online polling and surveys are a great way to engage your audience and get feedback from them. You can use online pollings and surveys in any number of ways to find out valuable information from your audience to improve your courses.


Blackboard Surveys

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Measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students enrolled in your Blackboard course.

Microsoft Forms

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Create, send, and collaborate on forms to easily collect and analyze responses.

Poll Everywhere

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Poll Everywhere is a tool to capture student feedback in both in-person and online settings, through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more.

Visualize feedback in real time with a variety of activities. Download the Poll Everywhere app for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides and add polls to your existing presentation decks in just a few clicks.

Survey Monkey

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SurveyMonkey is online survey software that helps you to create and run professional online surveys. It is a very powerful and well-known online application.

Smart Sheets

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Manage projects, automate processes, and scale up to enterprise-level programs and portfolios, all with one platform.