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Physician Opportunities


Fellow in Leadership
Eligibility: Mid-career physicians who provide outstanding leadership within their organizations. Applicants must be active members of AΩA. Applicant’s mentors, and all AΩA members in the application packet who are AΩA members must have active status. Nominations must be made by the senior executive of the physician’s organization.

Nominations must be submitted to the local AΩA Chapter Councilor or to a Chapter Association Chair if the applicant is affiliated with a medical school/medical center. If the applicant's organization has no affiliation with a local medical school (private/community hospital, or organization), the applicant may send their submission packet directly to the AΩA National Office ( Only one nominee will be accepted from a chapter, private/community hospital, or organization. A list of AΩA Chapters and Associations with contact information is available online. If an AΩA councilor applies for this award, the dean of the medical school must appoint another AΩA member from the chapter to manage the nomination process to avoid any potential conflict of interest. The dean and councilor must notify the AΩA National Office of the appointment.

More information: Libby Appel at or 720-859-4149.

Robert H. Moser Essay Award
Eligibility: All physicians. AΩA membership is not required, however, AΩA members who submit an essay must have active status. Physicians on the AΩA Board of Directors or The Pharos Editorial Board are not eligible.

More information: Libby Appel at (720) 859-4149 or

Postgraduate Fellowship
Eligibility: Medical residents and fellows, in programs at institutions with an active AΩA Chapter or Association. Applicants must be nominated by their residency or fellowship program directors. Applicants need not be AΩA members, however, those who are members must have active status. In addition, all AΩA members included in the submission packet must have active status.

More information: Libby Appel at 720-859-4149 or

Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award
More information: Sandra Gordon at (202) 828-0472 or

Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award
More information: Libby Appel at or 720-859-4149.

Administrative Recognition Award
Eligibility: Any staff member who has provided administrative support for a chapter for at least three years.
More information: Libby Appel at (720) 859-4149 or

Please visit Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society website and click “Programs” for the most up-to-date deadlines.