Baylor Remains Open

Baylor College of Medicine and its clinics will be open Monday, Nov. 28. We are closely monitoring the City of Houston's boil water advisory and will provide updates as needed.




VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration tool available in Blackboard that can be used to encourage student discussion and build community in asynchronous learning settings.

Online discussion boards are usually text-based and can sometimes limit the types of conversations in online learning environments, whereas VoiceThread allows instructors to create multimedia content and generate a conversation around it using text, audio, and video. The conversations are not live; they take place whenever and wherever it's convenient for students to participate.

Available to: Faculty | Students | Trainees | Staff
Managed by: Education Technology
Funding: Institution 
Single Sign-On (SSO) or accessed through Blackboard

VoiceThread is also available via the phone app (iOS | Android) using the same credentials.