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Effectiveness of healthy habits for older adults to optimize rehabilitation (H-45617)



Insomnia is common in hospitalized older adults and carries a significant health burden. The consequences of insomnia, include decreased daytime alertness, attention, motivation, along with increased fatigue and compensatory behaviors (e.g., napping). These daytime sequela may serve to limit the effectiveness of rehabilitation. We propose tailored CBTI delivered during and following hospitalization will improve sleep and functional outcomes in older patients receiving medical rehabilitation. 

We are seeking patients (ages 55+) scheduled for hip or knee arthroplasty to take part in our 6-month study. Patients will be asked to fill a survey of questionnaires related to your health; undergo four assessments assessing cognitive and physical functioning; attend four video or telephone therapy sessions to discuss healthy habits (e.g., diet/nutrition, activity, sleep); wear activity monitors on wrist and ankle; complete a sleep log for 1 week at 4 different time points over 6 months; and four -optional-  blood draws. 

If interested, call Ahmad Debian at (713) 487-5540 and mention the Children’s Sleep Study.


Ahmad Debian

Phone 1: 713–487–5540

IRB: H-45617




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