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Baylor Infant Twin Study (BITS) - H-36097 (H-36097)



Early Genetic and Environmental Influences on Eating: The Baylor Infant Twin Study (BITS)

The purpose of the BITS study is to better understand how babies and children learn to control their behavior and feeding as they get older. The long-term goal is to see if there is a link between children’s behavior, feeding and obesity. We are especially interested in understanding the similarities and differences in twin babies’ ability to control themselves and their eating behaviors. Families who take part in the BITS study will be asked to come to our research center at the Baylor College of Medicine Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) located at 1100 Bates Ave, Houston, TX 77030. The first visit to CNRC will take place when twins are approximately four months old and should last about two hours. Free parking, financial compensation, complimentary photo-shoot and child's body composition analysis is provided. Transportation may be available. For more information, please call Shabnam Momin at (713) 798-7065 or email

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IRB: H-36097




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