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A comparison of cbt-001 versus vehicle in patients with pterygium (H-52497)



A multicenter, double-masked, randomized, vehicle-controlled 12-month (with a 12-month, double-masked extension) parallel comparison of the safety and efficacy of 0.1% and 0.2% cbt-001 versus vehicle, dosed twice-daily, in patients with pterygium

A new study is enrolling for non-invasive treatment of pterygium Sun exposure and other environmental irritants can cause pterygium which is a triangular thickening of the outer coating of the eye, that extends onto the cornea and can become red and irritated. Currently, the only treatment for pterygium is surgery. CBT-001, or nintedanib, is an investigational, self-administered eyedrop That may provide patients with a new hope for resolving symptoms associated with pterygia… without surgery. In addition to medical consultation at no cost, time and travel will also be compensated for those who qualify. Please ask your doctor for more details. 

Masih Ahmed, M.D.
Research Coordinator: Josue M. Sanchez Guzman 
Phone: 713-798-4125

IRB: H-52497




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