Center of Excellence for Trauma Rehabilitation and Research


Director: Faye Tan, MD., chief of service, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Harris Health System.

Description: The Center of Excellence for Trauma Rehabilitation and Research was created in 2000 to meet the trauma rehabilitation needs of accident victims. Our mission is to perform basic science and clinical research that will maximize the trauma patient's recovery and return to functional society.

Goal: This center was created to explore the differences in rehabilitation diagnosis, therapy prescription, and interventions needed for each subtype of trauma patient (e.g. motor vehicle crash versus gun shot wound versus falls).

Affiliation: The center is affiliated with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Baylor College of Medicine.

Faculty: The center has faculty in the areas of neuroradiology, neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, electromyography, and physics.

Support staff: The center has had fellows from NIH research training grants and the Veteran's Hospital of Taiwan to support research activities. Technicians are also hired through research grants.

Facility: The center is housed in the Harris Health System at Ben Taub Hospital and Quentin Mease Hospital. It consists of a clinical laboratory and research offices. Clinical electromyography and physical therapy gyms also serve as research sites.

Databases: A database of traumatic electromyography test results are maintained within the computer systems of the center. The center participates in the national database for injury classification of the American Spinal Injury Association.

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