Weather Update

BCM Family Medicine on Kirby is without electrical power. Patients with appointments on Monday at this location will be moved to Baylor Medicine on the McNair Campus:  7200 Cambridge St, 7th floor, Suite 7B. Patients will be contacted. For questions, call 713-798-7700.

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This study is a first in human Phase 1 study that involves patients with a type of cancer called HER2 (Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2)…
  • Cancer - Breast
  • Cancer - Head/Neck
  • Cancer - Gastric/Stomach
  • Cancer - Esophagus
  • Cancer - Colon/Rectal
  • Cancer - Bladder
  • Cancer - All
  • Cancer - Pancreas
  • Cancer - Lung
The purpose of this study is to compare patient tumor tissue before and after treatment with standard chemotherapy (gemcitabine+cisplatin) plus…
  • Cancer - All
  • Cancer - Bladder
  • Urology
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