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The Occupational Health Program is located at Fannin Tower (Suite 2000). We provide health services and information to Baylor College of Medicine employees and learners. A few of our services are available to the public such as flu vaccinations. View a listing of our services below:


Flu Vaccines 2023-2024


Update as of Sept. 18, 2023
The Occupational Health Program provides flu vaccinations at no cost for Baylor College of Medicine students, residents, staff, and faculty. You can also receive a flu vaccine from your doctor, a local clinic or a pharmacy. Whether you receive the vaccine through OHP or elsewhere, BCM persons will need to complete an attestation by Nov. 30, 2023.

High-dose (HD) vaccine is for those over 65 years of age. Based on availability we do provide HD vaccine at our Flu clinics. If you are 65 and older, you can also receive the HD vaccine at the OHP clinic without an appointment.


  • You must schedule an appointment; scheduling is done through OHP's Flu AppWalk-in appointments will be available later in the season.
  • At this time, there are only a few events available for scheduling. We will continue adding events throughout the flu season as we confirm dates and locations.


  • End of September through November. View available dates in the Flu App.


  • Flu clinics will be offered across several Baylor and affiliate locations (Main Baylor, McNair Campus, Jamail, BSLMC, Greenway, CNRC and Ben Taub).

Flu Scheduling App

  • Access the Flu App.
  • You must log in with your ECA/BCM username and password.
  • If you are not on campus, you must use BCM multi-factor authentication. Learn more.
  • You should only schedule ONE slot at a time. Do not reserve multiple slots.
  • New dates and times are added throughout the flu season.
  • High-dose (HD) vaccine is for those over 65 years of age. However, there will be a limited supply on hand at the Flu clinics therefore HD vaccines may not always be available at your selected time slot. You also have the option of walking into our Occupational Health Clinic to receive the HD vaccine during business hours.
  • You can receive a flu vaccine from your doctor, local clinic, or pharmacy.

Flu Attestation Policy

  • Link to Attestation. Complete by Nov. 30, 2023
  • Do not send your flu vaccination documentation directly to OHP.
  • Keep documentation of your flu vaccination especially if you received it externally. Most hospitals and clinical facilities will require proof of flu vaccination.
  • If you are enrolled in a bona fide clinical trial (example: one with an NCT number), be prepared to provide proof of enrollment. You will be considered compliant for Baylor College of Medicine with proper documentation.
  • Baylor requires faculty, staff, and students to receive and attest to their flu vaccination by Nov. 30, 2023.
  • Read more about Baylor's Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Release of Records


For Baylor Students and Employees (Current or Former)

Item Definition

The Occupational Health Program maintains employment-related health records for students and employees of Baylor College of Medicine. View information about release of records.

For Patients

Item Definition

If you are a patient of Baylor and need to request your records, contact the clinic that treated you. View a listing or our care centers to locate a clinic contact. The OHP only maintains and releases records for Baylor employees or students.


Program Forms


Download Occupational Health Program release documents, HIPAA privacy notice and acknowledgement documentation.

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