Baylor College of Medicine

FDA Validation of a Salivary MiRNA Diagnostic Test for Autism Spectrum DIsorder (H-52109)



The Study:
Along with our research partners at Quadrant Biosciences and Autism Speaks, we are looking for children who present signs of being on the autism spectrum to participate in a research study.

The average age of diagnosis is between 4 and 7 years old, but your child could help drastically reduce the time it takes to diagnose other children in the future. The non-invasive saliva swab is easy to administer by caregivers and takes less than a minute to complete. Once the saliva sample is collected and a few short surveys are completed, that's it!

Your child is now helping our mission to lower the average age of diagnosis down to 2 years!

Who Can Participate:
We are looking for participants 18 through 83 months old who are currently being evaluated or are scheduled to be evaluated for ASD. To see if your child qualifies, contact our team!

Contact Us!
You can earn up to $75 for participating in this research. Learn more today by contacting us at

IRB: H-52109




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