Baylor College of Medicine



Cloud-based faxing lets Baylor users reach fax recipients electronically, without traditional, physical fax machines. Users of this service enjoy:

  • Fax via email
  • Send faxes to any U.S. or Canadian recipient
  • Send PDF, Word, and JPEG attachments
  • Email notification of fax receipt success or failure

Questions about Cloud-based Faxing


Item Term
How do I send a fax through email?

Item Definition

To send a fax from email, follow this format in the “To” field of the email composition box: (Example: The subject line and the text you type in the body of the email become the cover page. Attach any documents you wish to fax. The recipient will receive the cover page and attachments through a physical fax machine.

Item Term
Can I send a fax through my BCM email to a number outside of the U.S.?

Item Definition

Currently, faxes can only be sent through the BCM email system to numbers in the U.S. and Canada.

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What kinds of attachments can I fax through email?

Item Definition

Recommended attachments include PDFs, Word documents, and JPEGs. Other file types may not render correctly.

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How do I know my fax was successfully sent?

Item Definition

You will receive an email notifying you of the success or failure of the fax.